Mobile Shredding

Mobile Shredding

Out of the need of making shredding services easier and available to a wide network of clients, it has been easier to create mobile shredding rather than set up multiple stationary shredding points all over the region. Mobile shredding is a more flexible way of taking the services to the people without incurring extra operating costs for the shredding company.

Therefore, mobile shredding can be defined as the act of moving a mobile shredding unit to a preferred site where shredding can take place with ease, especially for the client.

Mobile shredding can take place in different forms:

  • Off-site shredding
  • On-site shredding
  • Shredding events

Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding can be defined as the destruction of client information away from the client’s premises either in a stationary facility or a mobile shredding facility like a van or a truck. In this case, mobile off-site shredding is convenient for shredding companies as they can establish themselves close to clients in need.

On-Site Shredding

A mobile shredding unit can be placed at the locale of the client’s business and used to shred material. Once done and the client is satisfied, the mobile unit can leave to another location to handle another client’s order.

Shredding Events

These are events sponsored by shredding companies or other business with the effort of offering free shredding services. Since the events are held in different locations, then the best option is to use mobile shredding units

So, in whatever case, mobile shredding can be applied to fit the needs of both the client and the shredding company.

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shredding services happen in the same way as shredding services in a stationary facility. The advantage may be that the client may have some sense of satisfaction to watch the whole process on their own site or at the location where the mobile unit has parked close to the organization’s premises.

It is standard that shredding services should happen securely. In a manner, that client information is not compromised to security risks such as identity theft or stealing of formulas to make company products. As such, mobile shredding services put in place security measures that are essential for protecting the client’s interests.

The first level is to ensure that the information or documents to be destroyed can only be accessed by an accountable party. To achieve this, shredding companies have used safety boxes for the collection of information to be destroyed. Shredding company personnel do not have access to check what the contents in the safety boxes are.

Accountability is also introduced through scanning of bar codes showing who handled what box and at what point. The box remains locked until when the contents are emptied into the shredder. Personnel handling the shredding process are also taken through intensive training to learn how to securely handle material to be shredded and after.

Even though client organizations have their own policies on how information should be terminated, shredding companies often have complimentary policies that their personnel follow to the latter. After shredding, the mobile shredding services should issue the client with certification verifying that the shredding was done securely.

Mobile shredding services can happen in different categories:

  • Mobile paper shredding
  • Mobile hard drive shredding
  • Electronic cards shredding

Mobile Paper Shredding

Mobile paper shredding is the most common as it deals with paper. More information is stored in paper and filed for a period of time. Once they become useless and need to be destroyed, mobile paper shredding is the way to go. Paper may become useless but the information they carry is still important and thus should not be accessed by anyone especially in the interest of client privacy.

Take for instance, with the evolution of technology, more storage space is available in the cloud. Therefore, more organizations are migrating from the traditional method of storing data in hard copy and opting for a more virtual solution in a cloud. They get access the information from anywhere at any time. All the original hard data, therefore, needs to be destroyed through mobile paper shredding.

Just as discussed above, the whole process should be secure and in addition, friendly to the environment.

From a shredding company’s perspective, mobile paper shredding is easy to handle with a large bunch of clients. Paper shredding is fast and easy. With proper planning and meticulous execution, mobile paper shredding companies can handle many clients through a regular shredding program.

Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Most people believe that once you permanently delete an item from the hard drive it is gone. The same is the belief when formatting the hard drive. On the contrary, that may be the case. Recovery companies can retrieve such data. On the flip side and as a security risk, the same recovery process is being used by hackers to obtain valuable information. The information is used for identity theft and blackmail as well as being sold in the black market.

To avoid these limitations, organizations and individuals opt for mobile hard drive shredding. The hard drive is torn into little pieces that cannot be put back together hence total destruction of the information it contained.

A key factor to note when using a mobile hard drive shredding service is whether they recycle components got after shredding. This can only be verified if they have the required certificate showing that they recycle the waste components in shredded hard drives.

Mobile Electronic Card Shredding

Electronic cards comprise access cards, ATM cards, and identity cards among others. They too have vital information that should be destroyed to avert security risks. Shredding can also be facilitated by a mobile unit and waste recycled.



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