How it Works

Shredding Materials

We have 2 easy options for shredding paper and hard drives and for recycling cardboard.

Option 1: Search the map for the closet pins to you and click them to purchase shredding. Blue paper pins are for onsite paper shredding and green pins are for hard drive shredding. Blue container pins are for monthly paper shredding services.

Option 2: Search the map for the closet orange recycle pin. Submit your information and details about the cardboard or other materials you need to recycle. Your local recycler will contact you to discuss details on recycling options.

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Shreddee Partners

Join Shreddee as a NAID Certified Shredder.

Option 1: Choose a plan of your choice and list your services for sale.

Option 2: Contact us to discuss providing your service to Shreddee customers.