Hard Drive Destruction Service

Hard Drive Destruction Service is very important for destroying confidential data from computers.  Shreddee provides certified, qualified, and secure hard drive destruction services from shredding companies that meet our high standards.  If you need hard drive destruction, hard drive shredding or any other shredding services find the closest shredding company to you and view their services.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

The safety of information of businesses and companies stored on hard drives is not guaranteed even after the hard drive ends its life. Hard drive destruction services are thus sought as a measure to prevent security breaches on the business’s information such as budgets, confidential emails, invoices and all other types of internal documents. The act of simply deleting information on a hard drive does not guarantee confidentially as such data can easily be accessed by specialists in data retrieval thus greatly compromising the security of such information.

Secure hard drive destruction service is, therefore, necessary to ensure vital information on businesses is not in any other person’s hands. Information technology equipment has a tendency of retaining information long after the end of their lives. Destruction of such equipment is done by shredding them into tiny bits and later compacted to render them irretrievable. The resultant bits are then disposed of safely as a measure of protecting the environment from the toxic wastes from the process. It is also important that the process of hard disk destruction is done within the premises so that you can monitor it and ensure that no security breaches are made during the process. The process should be undertaken by certified companies with adequate proof of compliance with the existing laws that include HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA and GLBA. After the information is disposed of safely, the company ensures that the remaining materials are taken to metal and electronic recyclers to ensure safety during the process of disposal. PROHRED is one such company with a good reputation of offering hard drive destruction services

Hard Drive Shredding

Information technology equipment upon reaching the end of their life requires that information on them is adequately protected. Hard drive shredding entails the process of physical destruction of the hard drive to ensure that information contained on it cannot be recovered. The process involves severing the physical components of the hard drives, specifically the platter where information is stored. Pulverizing the assembly of a hard drive at the end of its life is the most effective way of ensuring information on it is not accessed by unauthorized hands. Providers of this service have mobile services where they avail themselves at premises to conduct on-site shredding. This is necessary as the client is able to witness the process thus eliminating any doubt on the security of the information.

The act of simply drilling holes in a hard drive does not guarantee destruction of information on it as some tracks may remain untampered with unless a great number of holes are drilled on it. Unless overwriting is conducted hundreds of times, data recovery professionals claim information on such drives can still be recovered. In addition to shredding the hard drives into tiny bits, they are also compacted to ensure they are completely in an irrecoverable state.

Given that the resultant bits of the shredding process can be toxic, adequate precautions should be taken to ensure the disposal of the wastes does not cause harm to the environment. Secure pickup and transportation services that comply with the set federal legislation is sought to carry out the disposal of the wastes. Micro shredders are used to destroy smaller items such as solid state drives and thumb drives. Secures is one such company that offers shredding services

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction ensures information on hard drives is rendered completely inaccessible by unauthorized persons. The drive is crammed into tiny bits that are impossible to reconstruct so as to gain unauthorized access to the information on it. Given the nature of this equipment, the process should be thorough to ensure that the resultant bits are too tiny to be recovered by information retrieval experts.

A mechanical tool referred to as a shredder is employed to perform the task and the resulting bits disposed of. The remnants are taken to metal and electronic recyclers and reproduced into useful materials that are sold back to the public in usable condition. In doing this, it is vital to ensure adherence to the set standards in order to prevent the possible adverse effects of the chips to the environment. Given the high levels of electronic wastes due to the technological revolution in this era, there is a high amount of wastes generated that are toxic thus posing a huge environmental threat. The wastes, if not safely managed, could cause huge amounts of harm to the environment and pose a threat to life.

To curb such occurrences, the relevant bodies such as NAID, HITECH, GLBA and HIPAA have put in place measures and set standards which companies involved in the process of hard disk destruction must comply with to ensure the environment and workers health is adequately protected from the possibly toxic bits of the destroyed hard drives. Metal components can be taken to metal recyclers to reproduce other useful materials while others are used as spare parts for other electronics in usable condition thus cutting down on the cost of use and maintenance.

Shreddee is one of the most notable and efficient companies providing hard disk destruction services. Its adherence to the set standards has ensured its continued efficiency and relevance in the industry

Another way through which hard disk destruction can be carried out is by use of a T7 screwdriver to remove the parts of the platter that is responsible for storing information on the drive. By removing as many screws as possible, there is a likelihood of severing the main circuit board from the enclosure thus completely getting rid of the information on it.