Mobile Shredding

Mobile Shredding Out of the need of making shredding services easier and available to a wide network of clients, it has been easier to create mobile shredding rather than set up multiple stationary shredding points all over the region. Mobile shredding is a more flexible way of taking the services to the people without incurring extra operating costs for the shredding company. Therefore, mobile shredding can be defined as the act of moving a mobile shredding unit to a preferred site where shredding can take place with ease, especially for the client. Mobile shredding can take place in different forms: […]

Recycling Certifications

Recycling certifications entail seeking to ensure that the shredding services are carried out in a safe and secure environment that assures of individuals and organizations information safety by ensuring that it is carried out in an environment that strictly adheres to the set privacy laws and standards during the process of destruction. Given the number of risks and disadvantages associated with in-house shredding, majorly comprising security risks and wastage of office manpower on the process that could pose a threat to a business or organization, it is important to outsource shredding services. Recycling certifications are thus vital in ensuring that […]