Press Release 9-16-2017

To help customers turn unused shipping pallets into cash, Repalletize, a startup company based in Atlanta, Georgia, has developed an e-commerce based peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling pallets. The pallet marketplace covers every metropolitan market in the U.S. Technology can change the way entire industries operate and Repalletize is leading innovation in the pallet industry. Customers can easily find pallets on the map-based web app and through mobile devices, while pallet owners earn money by selling unused pallets.

In the U.S., there are an estimated 2 billion pallets circulating throughout the supply chain every day but many of these are considered lost assets. Most businesses do not know what to do with pallets after receiving shipments. In the past, sending pallets to construction and debris landfills was a common practice.  However, in the circular economy today, waste can become a resource, and Repalletize is looking to be at the front of that movement.

Instead of sending pallets to a landfill, a business can now sell their pallets to other local businesses that need pallets. In fact, because the app is a map-based marketplace it reduces CO2 because fewer miles are traveled to obtain pallets. When you are dealing with billions of pallets, saving a few miles on each shipment adds up quickly.

In addition to making pallet buying and selling easier, Repalletize is also aiming to seamlessly integrate their pallet platform with supply chains and the logistics industry. Uber, eBay, and AirB&B, which use peer-to-peer technology have changed the transportation, shopping, and lodging consumer industries, respectively. Repalletize has put a unique spin on the peer-to-peer technology to create an innovative business-to-business technology solution for the pallet and logistics industry.

Repalletize is utilizing emerging technologies and businesses are embracing that technology to create a more sustainable supply chain. More than 12,000 Repalletize customers trade pallets with each other. This demonstrates that the circular economy works and peer to peer technology can create value from waste streams.

Due to feedback from customers, adding e-commerce was a logical next move. Repalletize decided to develop the ability for pallet owners to sell pallets directly to pallet buyers to lower the cost of pallet ownership. With this innovative approach, Repalletize looks to help its customers trade 1 billion pallets on the platform. Repalletize is developing and investing in new solutions that can further enhance customer experience. With the new e-commerce feature, Repalletize will further develop the platform and expand geographic coverage to Europe and Asia.